Vertical Village and Freeland at the X Bienal São Paulo

Vertical Village and Freeland at the X Bienal São Paulo

The Instituto de Arquitetos do Brazil has announced that a version MVRDV's exhibition the Vertical Village, opening in Hamburg on August 1st (and previously shown in Taipei and Seoul), and MVRDV's project 'Freeland' in Almere Oosterworld, will form a part of the The 10th São Paulo Architecture Biennale. The exhibition will be held from September 28th to November 24th, 2013, and is curated by Guilherme Wisnik, Ana Luiza Nobre and Ligia Nobre.


"The theme of the X Bienal is “City: ways of making, ways of using”. The aim of the X Bienal is to raise awareness regarding the city and its numerous dimensions and scales, considering how its construction and design are produced, as well as the various ways its inhabitants use and appropriate it." X Bienal Brief


"The Vertical Village explores the potential of small-scale, bottom up development to transform an existing area into a high-quality, dense, vertical community. It builds upon the what is already there to create something unprecedented for cities in Asia, and perhaps for cities all around the world. A rich, diverse, and new urban texture, integrating the existing, which puts community initiative at the heart of buildings and urban development." MVRDV


"Freeland is a revolution in the way that cities are made. It proposes remapping the regulation
of buildings onto sustainable criteria, while reinventing the relationship between
governments, people, and their urban fabric through the power of the collective
via the internet." MVRDV