Irene Start

Irene Start

Sr. Associate | Global Head of PR | Hoofd communicatie

Global Head of Communications, Irene Start (Voorburg, NL - 1970), guides MVRDV’s PR strategy in the public representation of the office’s international portfolio of work. Now leading the office’s 7-person PR team, Start began as a Press Officer, a role in which she has considerable experience, after over 20 years as a journalist for diverse media. Her journalism experience includes Editor and coordinator of Elsevier’s Science and Culture Desk (a weekly Dutch publication). Start has also been Press Officer for several high profile Dutch cultural organizations, such as Teylers Museum, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, and Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen.

Inspiring her transition to MVRDV was in fact Start’s role at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen as she was deeply impressed by MVRDV’s design for the publicly accessible art depot. In addition to this, Start draws upon a broad experience in both commercial and cultural sectors, as well as an educational background in philosophy and social research. Her diverse range of interests, from classical ballet, to literature, to criminology, is at home in an office such as MVRDV, where an adventurous, curious spirit is highly prized.

“MVRDV has many interesting projects all over the world. I am so pleased to work with such a skilled and international PR team that is not only media-savvy but able to communicate a deep understanding of cross-cultural approaches.” - Irene Start