Inger Kammeraat

Inger Kammeraat

Partner | Managing Director

Managing Director Inger Kammeraat (1973, Vlissingen, the Netherlands) studied at the Eindhoven University of Technology (architecture and renovation, building technology) and at the ISWB Training Institute (financial management), both in the Netherlands. She is an architect who specializes in change management, company professionalisation, and organisational development. Inger worked for various international companies before she came to work for MVRDV in 2008 and she spent considerable time in Africa: from 2004–2006 as a Program Manager in Maputo, Mozambique, and from 2013–2016 as a consultant in Kampala, Uganda, where she was one of the initiators and the Creative Director of The Design Hub. Since 2018, Inger has been MVRDV’s Managing Director and a driving member of the management team of MVRDV.