MVRDV - The Coral Tower

The Coral Tower

The Coral Tower

The renewal of the AMP tower can be seen as part of a major effort to upgrade Sydney’s downtown area, with the ambition to create a refreshed address for AMP in Australia’s largest city. MVRDV’s tower responds to its context on a human scale, shifting to create views and light both for the tower and public spaces at its base. The existing tower’s structure is retained, increasing the speed of construction significantly, while a new façade gives the tower a new lease on life.

The pixel’s positioning can allow for collective internal spaces like a reception desk with a panoramic view, or a kitchenette with an external terrace, or a board room which overlooks the building’s atrium. The carving can also create collective external spaces that emphasize the urban environment. At the AMP plaza, a grand entrance space can be created where a majestic cave has been sculpted out. Here the different pixels house collective amenities, shops, coffeeplaces, meeting rooms and information booths. Here the journey starts into the building, revealing glimpses of the canyon above, the atrium. The building’s atrium provides a natural ventilation function, as well as connected and accessible landscape of stairs and terraces, creating a natural inversion of the dense elevator cores of the existing structure.


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