MVRDV - Natural Neighbourhood

Natural Neighbourhood

Natural Neighbourhood

The site of the former Fornebu airport, a semi-urban area in between Oslo and its surrounding villages, is currently lifeless. While ‘The Norwegian Dream’ suggests the ability to live with nature, recent developments around the city have ignored this. By retaining the enormous basements on the site for vehicle access, a neighbourhood without roads, paving or indeed any hard surfaces can be built. A series of green bands creates a continuous, natural experience.

By realizing a series of green bands a strong framework of continuous public spaces is created. This framework gives a series of individual plots as counterfigure, all surrounded and tied together by the green bands. The different plotshapes will give differentiation to the housingvolumes and gardens.

Green bands of public spaces follow the edges of the plateaus on top of the basements, creating public ‘balconies’ overlooking the surrounding area and defining the plateaus as ‘monumental or historic’ elements.A green ring along the boundaries of the site at the higher level (plateau level) is realized, connecting the bands at the plateaus and giving access from all sides of the site. Housing volumes are realized on individual plots, incorporating space for gardens for houses at groundlevel.This creates a small scale network, introducing a smaller, more intimate scale in Fornebu, contrasting to the planned public spaces (the green diagonals and the central park space) and increasing differentiation in the area. The small scale network will give a specific character to the area and realizes the community that is requested. 


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