MVRDV - Salón Verde

Salón Verde

Salón Verde

“Salón verde” creates a green “living room” for Madrid at the centre of the AZCA district. The design’s green public plaza includes a multi-storey frame structure adding a new way to experience the district, and an undulating pavement with water pools whose levels adapt to the seasons and programmatic requirements. Together, these changes will make Salón Verde Madrid’s coolest place during the summer and its hottest destination in winter.

The pools formed in the undulating pavement of this plaza have an adjustable water level that allows for flexible usage. At its highest level, it is a lake with islands, and a waterpark for children. Lowered by 20 centimetres, it forms smaller lakes, or perhaps an ice skating rink in winter. Recessed by 40 centimetres, and the area can support events, outdoor theatre, or sport and recreation.

These changes at ground level are made even more dramatic thanks to the addition of a multi-level prefabricated structure inserted around the plaza. The forest extends upwards on this rack, with large planters holding holm oaks, olive trees, strawberry trees and a selection of fruit trees. The structure casts abundant shade in summer, while also including sunlit terraces for lounging throughout the year. This green rack adds an almost theatrical appearance, creating an urban stage, in the spirit of the original plan’s unbuilt opera house.


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