MVRDV - Huanggang Grid

Huanggang Grid

Huanggang Grid

MVRDV designed an innovative, flexible, future-proof, and ecological masterplan for the Huanggang research campus positioned on the border between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. The proposal is environmentally sensitive and sustainable: since the campus is located at the intersection of a number of natural elements – the riverbank, the green landscape on the Hong Kong side of the river, a green corridor cutting through Shenzhen, and an important flight route for migratory birds – the masterplan aims to rehabilitate this riverfront landscape. Porosity, both for people and for nature, is a key consideration in the design, with natural features including a water retention corridor that weaves its way through the grid.

Terraces, cantilevers, and voids at key locations throughout the grid make the entire campus more porous and accessible, creating outdoor public spaces which add to the vibrant atmosphere of the campus and provide spaces that can trigger chance encounters for researchers to discuss and share their work. External staircases provide access to many of these locations, connecting the ground-level communal spaces of the courtyards to spaces higher up the building. This ‘breaking up’ of the grid also allows complete separation between the slabs at a number of points, enabling a phased construction of the entire campus. On the northern side of the campus, the slabs are raised to create three entrances, in preparation for a future in which the border is opened and access to the campus no longer needs to be controlled.


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