MVRDV - Mainau 2040

Mainau 2040

Mainau 2040

MVRDV’s Mainau Island masterplan in Germany includes the 6.6-hectare northeast region and 6.5-hectare entrance to the island from the mainland. Replete with a plant library focal point, establishing the scale and rhythm of all future developments, the plan had the ambition to embrace, enliven, and strengthen Mainau's reputation as a renowned island bouquet, and to secure its position as a fledgeling and sustainable paradise for recreational visitors and botanists alike.

“In my view, Mainau doesn't need so much enhancement. Following the theory ‘become what you are’, the aim is to embrace, enliven, and strengthen Mainau's essence as the world's flower island”, says MVRDV founding partner Winy Maas. “It is an island entirely dedicated to plants and flowers. Everything revolves around plants. Everything is botany. Everything is landscape. Flower Power is the basic idea and the holistic guideline for all future developments on the island.”


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