MVRDV - Expo Pavilion 2.0

Expo Pavilion 2.0

Expo Pavilion 2.0

This project is a transformation of one of MVRDV’s own seminal projects, the Dutch Pavilion at the 2000 World Expo in Hannover. The project will convert the former Expo Pavilion into a co-working office building, and two new buildings will be added on the space surrounding the pavilion. The design maintains the qualities – including the forest on the 3rd floor – that made the pavilion an icon of the 2000 World Expo and reinterprets the original project’s concept for the two new buildings.

“It’s such an exciting opportunity for us to revisit this early project of ours that we first worked on over twenty years ago”, says MVRDV founding partner Jacob van Rijs. “The original design was certainly a unique design for a very specific purpose, but despite its outspoken design its core structure is highly reusable and more flexible than originally imagined. The differences between the floors will be maintained and converted into a functional office environment that nevertheless retains the unique experimental features of the Expo Pavilion. You will be able to work on the Dunes, or in the forest, or between the treepots.”


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