MVRDV - La Grande Mosaïque

La Grande Mosaïque

La Grande Mosaïque

MVRDV's proposal for Caen Presqu'ile, consisting of 600 Ha of brownfield land, is a structure vision extending over the city of Caen and the towns of Mondeville and Hérouville Saint Clair. The transformation carries the ambition to fundamentally enhance the attractiveness of Greater Caen. The project will take over a decade, and number of high profile buildings for the Presqu’ile have already been started, such as the new multimedia Library and regional High Court.

The offset takes the form of an urban version of the ‘bocage’, the historic hedgerows of Normandy, and an important element in the heritage of the surrounding landscape. The offset is planted in a way which preserves this natural heritage, while also providing a powerful tool for spatial intervention for defining buildable plots and ‘staging’, historically, scenographically, and poetically, the industrial heritage of the site.

The first step of the second phase was conducting more in-depth research into the many different areas of the site, and selecting three specific areas for further research and eventual intervention. These areas were assessed in relation to the city’s visions for programming, density, and architectural articulation. The offset tool was developed further, both conceptually as a universal model for the entire project, and with specific variations in plant sizes, dimensions, and materials. The offset was developed further for three different areas in the site, each with their own guidelines reflecting the specific qualities, character and history of the area.


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