MVRDV - (Y)our City Centre

(Y)our City Centre

(Y)our City Centre

A multidisciplinary team lead by MVRDV and Austin-Smith:Lord has been selected by Glasgow City Council to bring a collaborative and international expertise to their strategy for the regeneration of the 400ha city centre that will transform it into a more livable, attractive, competitive and sustainable centre for all Glaswegians.

Taking on a holistic and integrated approach, the idea here is to fill up unused plots and utilise existing infrastructure i.e. making them more versatile, mixed and smart in their functions. The under-used Clyde riverfront offers an unmissable opportunity for connecting and re-energising the four districts up for redevelopment - Broomielaw, Blythswood, St Enoch and Central. This will create a positive impact on the centre with the potential to extend out to the wider city limits.

“It is time for Glasgow to move forward with its ambition for a lively city centre that is also an attractive place to live, green, and importantly, one that has more Glaswegians residents living there’’ says Winy Maas, co-founder MVRDV. “We are excited to work together with Glasgow City Council and the city, in a dialogue with communities to realise this vision of a BIGGER, STRONGER, BOLDER city of the future. We all want the centre re-populated, more pedestrian and cycle friendly, also the riverfront on the Clyde Banks made more attractive for all.’’

“The (Y)our City Centre strategy is a hands-on, layered approach with a series of projects that range in scale, that will collectively contribute to the ‘upgrade’ of the city, to boost the liveliness, attractiveness and competitiveness of the city in a larger (inter)national context, allowing for a gradual development by many stakeholders’’ says Jeroen Zuidgeest, MVRDV partner and architect.


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