MVRDV - UN Delegates Lounge

UN Delegates Lounge

UN Delegates Lounge

By introducing one grand gesture in the form a grid, the UN's North Delegate’s Lounge will be revitalized from a rather dull and corporately non-decorated space into a new environment which is more in line with the overall atmosphere of the original design of the building. With the grid as a starting point, the room is ornamented, with matching curtains and minimalist, free standing objects, comparable to the originals, aligned to it.

The North Delegate’s Lounge is quite a large space; in surface and height it could well be a small airport lobby. In order to scale it down another layer is added, on top of the grid. The requested seating is the perfect tool for this intervention. The selected furniture is relatively low at the ground to introduce the human scale; while the grandeur and height of the space are still emphasized.But how to control such huge amounts of seats? By choosing one single type, or maybe a ‘family’?  This would be deadly for the atmosphere and turn it into an anonymous waiting hall.  Or by gathering all unique pieces? This would create a chaotic showroom.By imagining various settings of ‘get-togethers’ some specific clusters of furniture were selected. These clusters start to work like islands in the grand space. One can head straight for the bar along the South facade, or one can wonder in between the islands to find the right party.  Due to the continuous grid this additional layer can have its own rhythm; like the sprawl of farm houses on top of the strict Flevo polder grid.

The first object one should see when entering the lounge is the reception. This is positioned at the original location, although the bar-like reception was awkwardly oriented into the lounge instead of to the entering visitor.In contrast with, and to emphasize the grid, the proposed reception is round. It is a free standing object entirely made out of one material. Corian is an artificial, stone like material which is used to make any shape seamless. The back wall of the reception is higher than the desk in front which gives a secure feeling to the employees. It also creates possibilities to position information screens. All services, like magazine and news paper stand, telephone and so on, are integrated into the desk. This back wall is a double sliding wall; when the reception is not in use, for example during a banquet, these sliding walls can be placed in front to close the object.The former bars on both levels have lost their functionality. And due to alterations through time the consistency between the two got lost. Their positions are clear, but the space around them is tight.


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