MVRDV - Baltyk named Poland's best commercial building of the last 5 years

Baltyk named Poland's best commercial building of the last 5 years


Baltyk has won the award for Best Commercial Building in Polish magazine Architektura-murator's Life in Architecture competition. The awards name the best new buildings in Poland, with the current edition awarding projects completed between 2015 and 2019. Baltyk was selected from a list of more than 70 projects in the Commercial category.

As the name suggests, the Life in Architecture competition is particularly focused on the social aspects of architecture. The awards aim to highlight buildings that contribute to the quality of life of users and the public, and that stimulate public interest in the role of architecture in urban environments. In the commercial category, the jury paid particular attention to the projects' relationship with the environment, the relationship between architectural design and the intended use of the buildings, sustainability, and accessibility.

The mixed-use Baltyk hosts offices, alongside a variety of other commercial functions. The irregular shape of the design means that the 16-storey building changes its shape depending on the viewing angle. A slope of cascading patios offers outdoor spaces to the users of the building, helping to create more fluid connections between upper and lower levels and also connecting the building to the neighbourhood. The building's vertical louvres of glass fibre concrete soften the impact of the sun without losing the vistas over the city and zoo from the floor-to-ceiling glass.

See Architektura-murator's summary of the 2020 Life in Architecture competition here. Read more about Baltyk here.