Magasin 113

Gothenburg City Council and Älvstranden Utveckling selected MVRDV and BSK Arkitekter to develop Magasin 113, one of the first new projects for Frihamnen RiverCity. This former warehouse will be transformed into a 16,500m2 mixed use building located in Gothenburg Sweden.


Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Year: 2017+

Client: Älvstranden Utveckling AB and Gothenburg City Council

Program: 16,615m2 mixed-use with flexible offices, an art center, pop-up spaces, a café, tourist information, shops, a restaurant, and studios

Budget: Undisclosed


Magasin 113, located in Gothenburg's Frihamnen RiverCity — the largest urban development project in Scandinavia. The proposed 16,500m2 transformation and extension of the existing warehouse located on the riverfront will create a more inclusive and vibrant area of the city. The entire site occupies the edge of an existing public square while Magasin 113 itself located in an existing historical warehouse structure which will offer flexible offices, an art center, pop-up spaces, a café, tourist information, shops, a restaurant, and studios. Gothenburg-based advertising agency Forsman & Bodenfors and Göteborgs Konsthall have plans to establish their offices in the building.

The current brick façade and interiors of the warehouse will be restored and repaired, with the existing concrete frame will support three new levels of timber-framed floors above. These new levels will create space for additional programs and allow the experience of different atmospheres across levels from ground level upwards.  

To combine the need for insulation and the desire to maintain the existing brick facade, a transparent glass protective ‘raincoat’ will be wrapped around the existing warehouse and the new extension on top. This will add an exciting blend of a building that is ‘old’ and new, raw and smooth, and solid and transparent at the same time. A new public space will be carved out between these two levels, enabling public activity from the exterior square within the building. Inside, a family of different types of stairs weaves through the building to create a dynamic but visually unified public route through space.

New stairs will also be placed along the main facade on the waterfront side, creating new connections between the different loading balconies and the main public plaza in front of the building.

Magasin 113’s location will become a public node through its close connections to other public spaces in the area. Combined with the nearby park and pool, it aims to attract a wide range of tenants and services, which in turn will help to create an inviting and desirable neighborhood.


Design: MVRDV - Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs, and Nathalie de Vries

Design Team: Jacob van Rijs, Fokke Moerel with Klaas Hofman, Roy Sieljes, Daniella Persson, Mikel Vazquez, Mathias Pudelko, Alicja Pawlak, Mateusz Wojcieszek, Simone Costa and Matteo Ornato

Visualization: Antonio Luca Coco, Paolo Mossa Idra, Pavlos Ventouris, Francesco Vitale and Massimiliano Marzoli


Co-architects:  BSK Arkitekter

Images: MVRDV 

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