Jut Group Lecture Hall

MVRDV completes the interiors of Jut Group in Taipei 240m2 lecture hall making it a welcoming space inspired by nature. A specially commissioned wall-covering artwork by Argentinian textile artist, Alexandra Kehayoglou transforms the interior into a green dream by using recycled threads.


Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Year: 2017

Client: Jut Group

Program: 240m2 lecture hall transformation

Budget: undisclosed


Jut Group stages high-quality living business from an architectural, interior, furnishings, art, and cultural perspective. The 240m2 lecture hall accommodates up to 176 and is located at the head office of the group in Taipei. The design concept for this new continuous green carpeted landscape draws on MVRDV and The Why Factory’s research into the potential of future transformable environments. “The interior is literally a green dream,” says Winy Maas, MVRDV co-founder. “Together with the artwork, it represents the natural landscape of Taiwan and at the same time, acts as an acoustic intervention. In the midst of the hyper-urban condition of Taipei, audiences will be surrounded by this green dreamscape.”

MVRDV updates the lecture hall into a welcoming, green and continuous room with a single textile artwork encompassing the floor and wall created by Argentinian artist, Alexandra Kehayoglou. This site-specific intervention and unique work of art is signature style of Kehayoglou’s style and her hand-tufting technique meant it took over a year to complete the work. The carpet is crafted from discarded threads from the artists’ family carpet factory in Buenos Aires and creates a unique atmosphere for the lecture hall alongside continuing Jut’s commitment to collaborating with the most talented artists, designers, and architects.

This project marks the second collaboration with Jut Group which began with Jut Foundation for Arts and Architecture in 2009, with the fourth edition of the exhibition series “Museum of Tomorrow”. The temporary museum explored ideas related to a contemporary vertical village, a three-dimensional community that restores personal autonomy, diversity, flexibility and neighbourhood life to cities in Asia. Jut Foundation has a longstanding commitment to working collaboratively and in an approach that is interdisciplinary with its ground floor space dedicated to a changing exhibitions programme.

MVRDV worked with Jut Land Development (The Owner), AI Group (Design Development), Alexandra Kehayoglou (Tapestry artwork) and DaYi Construction Group (Construction).


Design: MVRDV - Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries

Design Team: Winy Maas, Wenchian Shi with Hui-Hsin Liao Angel Sanchez Navarro and Xiaoting Chen


Tapestry Carpet design: Alexandra Kehayoglou

Design Development: AI Group -Tomo Huang, Spring Yang,  Mingchen Liao and Honghen Lee

Construction: DaYi  Construction and Chris Chiu (AI Group)

Images: Jut Group

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