MVRDV - Centre Culturel Georges Pompidou

Centre Culturel Georges Pompidou

Centre Culturel Georges Pompidou

The Les Scènes proposal for the renovation of the Georges Pompidou Centre of Sports and Culture in Vincennes, containing a concert hall, gymnasium and other facilities, is intended to transform the existing building and site into a major facility in the heart of city. While restoring the natural qualities of the site, the design recreates links between its different users through the creation of a new centrepiece in the form of a crack through the building that brings in light while connecting the different programmes. The formerly enclosed site is opened up, making new ties between the surroundings of the plot and reconnecting it to the city. The roof is transformed into an accessible space for all, providing a vegetable garden and lively terraces with greenery, forging unique views on the city.


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