MVRDV - Balancing Barn

Balancing Barn

Balancing Barn

The Balancing Barn is situated on a beautiful site by a small lake in the quintessentially English countryside. The building takes the form of a barn, updated with shiny metal cladding. The Balancing Barn aims to make people re-evaluate the countryside as well as make contemporary architecture accessible. In addition to this, it is both a restful and exciting holiday home, boldly designed to provoke a gut response to architecture and nature over a short stay.

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At its midpoint the Barn begins to cantilever over the descending slope, a balancing act made possible by the rigid structure of the building, resulting in 50% of the barn hanging freely in space. The structure balances on a central concrete core, with the section that sits on the ground constructed from heavier materials than the cantilevered section. The long sides of the structure are well concealed by trees, offering privacy in and around the Barn.


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