MVRDV - Paris Olympic Aquatic Centre

Paris Olympic Aquatic Centre

Paris Olympic Aquatic Centre

MVRDV’s proposal for the Aquatic Centre at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games is envisioned as a refreshing antidote to the trend for self-consciously “iconic” Olympic venues that subsequently become expensive, oversized burdens upon their cities. MVRDV’s design, by contrast, takes as its starting point the needs of the area, improving connections between neighbouring locations and creating a vertical park and “green lung” within the city while assimilating itself into its surroundings.

This expanse of plants offers substantial benefit to the area in terms of sustainability, with this “green lung” of over one hectare within the city helping to improve air quality and lower local temperatures. Unlike the western façade, the roof itself is not accessible to visitors, making it a perfect attraction not only for plant biodiversity, but for animal biodiversity as well. Inside, oval windows and skylights provide excellent daylighting for the pools, reducing energy consumption, while significant effort was made to reduce the water consumption in the pools themselves. Thanks to the partnership with Engie, 80% of the energy used by the building would come from sustainable sources.


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