MVRDV - The Milestone

The Milestone

The Milestone is a new 6,500m2 mixed-use office building by MVRDV with a distinct part-reflective façade and open geometric core which has been selected by a jury for the city of Esslingen. The building will be literally a landmark, its façade designed like a crystal rock is interactive and carries the topography of the town and messages about the history and people of Esslingen. In this sense, it will become a new landmark for Esslingen that celebrates its past whilst looking forward towards the future. RVI developers have commissioned the project whose construction start is envisioned for 2020.

The façade is designed as partially mirrored, with frittedglass containing PV cells that mirror the environment, the town, its hills and its people. It shows the pixelated map of the area of Esslingen and around. Each pixel carries different information, featuring the stories of the city and its inhabitants. Accompanied by a smartphone app one can discover its richness, creating the public library of the town. On the ground level, the crystal rock opens up to the public square located in front, connecting the city with the building and providing public amenities including a restaurant, café and meeting areas. On the upper levels, modern office spaces are created to encourage a healthy work-life balance.


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"MVRDV has revealed the design of The Milestone, a new mixed-use office building to be built in Germany. Featuring a distinct, part-reflective “crystal rock


Inspired by the crystallized rock, Milestone is a reinterpretation of the city's topography. The volume of the building has been modeled to create a fragmented façade which during the day appears #Transparent and at night acts as a point of #light for the surrounding area. @MVRDV

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