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Design Society Shenzhen

Design Society Shenzhen

MVRDV was commissioned by Design Society Shenzhen to complete the spatial design for ‘Minding the Digital’ a temporary exhibition in the The Sea World Culture and Arts Center located in Shekou, Shenzhen. In partnership with London’s V&A Gallery, Design Society Shenzhen seeks to stimulate the growing design scene in Southern China.

The exhibition hall consisted of two levels:

On the first level, a labyrinth of ideas was created. The floor was designed as a maze of black rooms each accommodating the work of an individual designer or installation actively contributing to the making of a new world. Visitors were encouraged to move from room to room experiencing each contribution separately but still as part of a greater narrative.

On the level, stairs led to a glass floor that allowed for views of the products, designers and visitors below. Akin to a ‘dance floor’ it encouraged visitors to walk ‘over’ (hi)stories whilst engaging with future products. An illuminated space for both reflection and projection that, although apart, remained connected to the exhibits below.


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