MVRDV - Pixel


Pixel, an 85,000-square-metre mixed-use development in Abu Dhabi, features 525 apartments, shops, offices, and amenities situated around a lively communal plaza. The design enables a lifestyle based around outdoor living and community spirit – an innovative approach in the Emirates.


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Mouaz Abouzaidfacebook

Its very interesting to be part of this huge development, Dewan Team will develop the Architecture & BIM LOD300 for The Pixel, The Loop & Artery. Finally Working with my fav. BIG & MVRDV 😍 “Pixel”...


“IMKAN Properties are participating in this year's Cityscape in Abu Dhabi from today until 19 April and will showcase MVRDV's inaugural project in the United Arab Emirates, Pixel, a 76,000m2 mixed-use complex scheduled for completion in 2020. Link:

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