MVRDV - The Sax

The Sax

MVRDV won the competition for The Sax, a 51-floor mixed-use tower which will be the latest addition to Rotterdam’s renowned Wilhelminapier port development. The building’s distinct shape consists of two interconnected towers (Philadelphia & Havana) with a total surface area of 82,000m2 and will include 450 apartments, a hotel, wellness centre, parking, Congress and varied commercial facilities.

“Rotterdam is more and more a city of towers and The Sax will add a new element to this collection,” says Jacob van Rijs, co-founder of MVRDV. “The façade features a contemporary reinterpretation of the bay window, providing views for each unit with the advantage of allowing individual and unique apartments in this large collective complex. This windowed effect adds an extra dimension in experiencing the view onto Rotterdam. The plinth and the bridge which contains a hotel will be open to the public making Wilheminapier even more lively.”


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We are thrilled to realise the most 'Saxy' tower of Rotterdam: The Sax, a new 82,000m2 mix-use tower for Wilhelminapier! Read about this exciting competition win via our website:...


The Sax wordt 165 meter, en dus nét de hoogste toren van de Wilhelminapier. Welstandscommissie dik tevreden over plannen van MVRDV en ontwikkelaars BPD en Synchroon.

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Fijn dagje in Rotterdam bij MVRDV. Ze hebben 2 winnende projecten deze week, The Sax in Rotterdam en Nieuw Bergen in Eindhoven. Of ik niet in zo'n pixel wil komen wonen...

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