MVRDV - Y House

Y House

Y House

Situated in Northeast Tainan, Y House is a 330m2 villa looking out on its surroundings and a sea view, with living spaces raised on a four-floor stem. The residence's private rooftop swimming pool takes prime location, cradled in the dip of the Y-shape. The villa gives an identity to an otherwise nondescript site, standing out amongst the rest and marking the development from a distance. 

“How to make a house that literally rises above the ‘sea’ of houses? How to create a view towards the sea over the other houses?” says MVRDV co-founder Winy Maas. “By making the program downstairs as narrow as possible, a large garden is created and situating the majority on the top floors a view is created. And in the heart of the elevated house, the rooms diverge/move apart to give space for a valley to swim in with a view towards the sea…”


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