MVRDV - Doha Viewing Tower

Doha Viewing Tower

Doha Viewing Tower

A viewing point at the centre of the bay, in line with Khalifa Avenue and in front of the famous Doha Corniche. Located in the main thoroughfare connecting the business district in the west to the south of the city, this new meeting point seeks to bring people together and serve as a new landmark of development for Doha.

The Water Hill
By lifting the carpet upwards in one or more of the corners, slopes form a water cascade, which can be used as the city’s playground - and as a giant stairway to the top. Underneath of these hills, docking areas are formed where ships can more and find shelter. The element can be lifted when desired. It allows a subtle play. Like a rolling carpet. Sometimes the carpet is flat and complete, other times one corner is up. This creates an ever moving carpet over water that Doha citizens will encounter every day as it continually changes.

The Water Hall 
By folding the carpet up and over each other, almost like a box, a dramatic collective space is formed. In this space, a water hall, one can gather in-between the water, which is below, aside and above you. Water itself forms a space. It becomes a ‘block of water’ in the middle of the sea. In the floor of the hall, the service program is situated. In the walls, the lifts and stairs can be found. In the roof, the restaurant is situated. And on the roof, the viewing plaza is formed. Water moves off the roof to the edge of the platform where it falls down to the sea level, where it is collected on the floor before it is pumped up again.


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