MVRDV - Xili Sports and Cultural Centre

Xili Sports and Cultural Centre

Xili Sports and Cultural Centre

MVRDV together with Zhubo Architecture Design won the architectural competition for the Xili Sports and Cultural centre, a project seeking to transform the lives of the different generations of people living nearby, through offering a more humanistic model for sports and culture. 

This new 105,000m2 centre consists of a 20,000m2 theatre-amphitheatre, 15,000m2 Basketball-Badminton arena, 10,000m2 multifunctional arena and 6,000m2 swimming pool, presenting a dynamic public space with multiple layers.

During the day, on the evenings or at weekends, different groups of people with different needs, can also serve as a guideline for programming of the collective spaces. A special elevated running track is the signature element of the complex as it connects, weaves in and out of all volumes. It also invites people to go for an exciting run around the complex, relax and socialise both inside and outside.

“There are many of these types of buildings being built in Shenzhen in a short time, which is an amazing phenomenon in itself, so the idea was to make a collection of atmospheres in this centre so that they can be distinguished from each other,” says MVRDV founding partner Jacob van Rijs. “We wanted to combine a large-scale sports stadium with a social aspect connecting it with the community. This was achieved by arranging different volumes on the site around a new diagonal (green) bridge linking the Chaguang metro station in the south, with the Tanglan mountains in the north, making this centre a stage for different users - nature, sports, and culture.”


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