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Oslo Opera

Oslo Opera

Opera and ballet facilities can be introverted and elitist. Oslo Opera attempts to turn these qualities inside-out with a more public and extraverted character that can attract a larger audience. Through a concentration of the program, a vertical opera results which is a gesture that develops its identity within the city. The internal organization is arranged in departments stacked on top of each other according to sequences of production and visitors movement, forming a series of plateaus shifted to create public spaces.

It can be seen as a possible prototype for further urbanization and occcupation of the bay solving the delicate and fragrant balance between nature and city: by lifting program Oslo can keep or enlarge its natural sources while enlarging the urban programmatical capacity.By stacking the given program a sequence can be designed as a trajectory for the visitor and the users from earth into heaven: from the technology via the services, the entrance foyer, the offices, the workshops into the rehearsal-zone leading to the ultimate destination the performance floor and the epilogue, the aftermath, the ephemere chill-out: the sky foyer overlooking panoramically Oslo. A sequence that enables the user to leave the city behind and to become ÔopenÕ for the momentum on top, slightly away from everyday life.

The Opera house is organised as a series of departments, that are considered as interdependant territories with specific demands. They are stacked on top of each other in a linear sequential manner as a series of platforms or plateaus. Each plateau has its own dimension allowing for the perfect internal organization of the different departments. Each of them has its specific appearance that allows for external visibility and identification.


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