MVRDV - Glass Farm

Glass Farm

Glass Farm

Schijndel's market square suffered badly from WWII bombing; the Glass Barn is MVRDV’s seventh proposal for the site. The maximum envelope for the structure had the form of a traditional Schijndel farm. In collaboration with artist Frank van der Salm all the remaining traditional farms in the area were photographed and a ‘typical farm’ developed. This image was printed onto the glass envelope that forms the entire façade. The Glass Farm is scaled 1.6 times larger to create a monument to the traditional building.

The printed image follows this ‘augmented history’, with the superimposed farm door appearing 4 metres tall for example. When adults interact with the building, they are once again the size of a small child in relation to the building, possibly adding an element of nostalgic remembrance to their experience. MVRDV designed the building for RemBrand developers, a combination of Van Den Brand Real Estate and Remmers Construction Group, together with Hooijen Engineers, IOC Ridderkerk for installations, Brakel Atmos for the facade and AGC for the printed glass.


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