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European Patent Offices

European Patent Offices

The European Patent Offices in the Haag required and extension to their existing offices, stipulating 83% of the program should be dedicated to concentration with the remaining 17% to communication. The existing tower is reused to house the principle communication space, and is turned into a Tower Park. Its levels are filled with foliage, realizing and communicating the institutions sustainable philosophy.

  • Location
  • City
  • Year
  • Budget
  • Surface
    70000 m²
  • Client
    Client: EPO (European Patent Office), Rijswijk, the Netherlands
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But can the existing one really not be reused? Maybe not for all the program but maybe for a small component of the program? It could save parts of the budget, that could be used to maintain and to enlarge other needed aspects of the campus: leisure, communal spaces, meeting spaces. It leads to additional 'free' space. By stripping the current façade and opening up parts of the existing floors, it can lead to a vertical 'park', extending the existing horizontal one. It can be used in time by unknown functions. It leads to a 'Green' park tower that can act as a messenger for the sustainable intellect of the company.


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