MVRDV - Winy Maas selected as supervisor for Floriade 2022, Almere

Winy Maas selected as supervisor for Floriade 2022, Almere


The municipality of Almere has appointed MVRDV co-founder Winy Maas as Supervisor of Floriade 2022. In his role as supervisor, Maas will advise on the development of the Masterplan, which includes detailing of the planting plan for the arboretum, definition of design- and development principles as ‘plot passports’, and incorporation of the World Expo program and facilities. Maas will supervise all landscape designs, real estate projects and public artworks for the Floriade area. Objective is to guarantee maximum quality, with the ambition to bring together the best practices and state of the art solutions. Supervision will follow the principles of sustainability, circularity, energy neutrality and green initiative combined with the future arboretum.

MVRDV has been involved in the winning bid for the Floriade in 2012 and the further development of concept and design since, which led to the establishing the Masterplan established in 2015. First works on site have started and the Floriade Expo is scheduled to open in 2022.