MVRDV - High points at Westerpark West: Three new buildings in MVRDV’s masterplan top out

High points at Westerpark West: Three new buildings in MVRDV’s masterplan top out


Three more buildings – including two designed by MVRDV – have topped out at Westerpark West, the MVRDV-designed masterplan that is transforming a former ING office complex into a green, lively neighbourhood of 750 homes. Located in the Amsterdam Brettenzone, directly to the west of the city’s popular Westerpark, the masterplan includes a total of 12 buildings, placing an emphasis on green space and architectural diversity.

From left to right; Salt, Pepper, and Blend. Article images © Bert Rietberg for J.P. van Eesteren

The three buildings now reaching their highest point are Blend, a residential building with expressive bay windows that create extra living space and allow for enhanced views, and a complementary pair of buildings named Salt and Pepper, designed by MVRDV and Amsterdam-based architects Elephant, respectively. Both of this pair use a bold cantilevered shape (with their cantilevers facing opposite directions) in order to provide maximum living space on a small footprint. The constructor for all three buildings is J.P. van Eesteren.

Previously, the site was occupied by the ING office buildings. Through their demolition, 7,000 tonnes of concrete rubble was processed into raw material for new concrete in collaboration with New Horizon Urban Mining. As much as possible, this recovered material has been reused in the construction of the new buildings.

Image © Bert Rietberg for J.P. van Eesteren

The 70,000-square-meter masterplan continues the landscapes of the Westerpark. The layout of the development allows for many green areas. London-based Gustafson Porter + Bowman designed the plan’s landscape, adding to their 2003 design for the area around the Westergasfabriek, which forms the Westerpark’s current boundary.

For the masterplan’s architecture, MVRDV and Elephant are designing a series of charismatic buildings that work together as a good ensemble. By varying the building typologies and the character of the public space, a striking neighbourhood arises in the middle of the city. The importance of greenery in the masterplan is clear from the diversity of outdoor spaces, from front gardens and loggias to balcony gardens and roof terraces.

In 2021, Elephant completed construction on the first building in Westerpark West, Voortuinen. Their design transforming the former Postbank office tower into a residential building with generous balconies wrapping around every level. Later phases of the construction will include a further four buildings by Elephant and seven by MVRDV.

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