MVRDV - Tickets for Marble Arch Hill now on sale

Tickets for Marble Arch Hill now on sale


Tickets are now on sale to visit the Marble Arch Hill in London. Based on a scaffolding structure, this hollowed-out mountain is a temporary addition in the heart of Westminster, a spectacular 25-metre-tall viewpoint that gives visitors an overview of the surroundings and a new perspective on Marble Arch itself.

The design takes inspiration from the history of its site at Marble Arch, which historically marked the corner of Hyde Park, until new roads were added in the 1960s that turned the arch into a traffic island. Marble Arch Hill introduces a park-like landscape, including 45 trees that reconnects Hyde Park with Oxford Street.

Mable Arch Hill will be experienced via a single continuous route. Visitors will climb to the viewpoint via a path that winds its way up the hill’s southern slope, after which they will descend into a great Hall in the heart of the hill, a hollowed-out space for events, exhibitions, and other happenings.

The hill opens on July 26th and will remain in place until 9th January 2022; ticket prices start at £4.50 for adults, with discounts available for families. Book your tickets here.