MVRDV - MVRDV appeals for green regulations in Dutch housing construction

MVRDV appeals for green regulations in Dutch housing construction


MVRDV has added their support to a new manifesto appealing for the introduction of mandatory green measures for new housing construction in the Netherlands. This country is predicted to add nearly one million homes in the next ten years. Under current regulations, this construction could have a severely detrimental effect on both the quality of life within cities and biodiversity in the natural environment. Alongside 53 other Dutch organisations, we have therefore signed the Bouwen voor Natuur manifesto, which calls for regulations that will help nature to become a vital ingredient in all new construction.

The manifesto was initiated by the environmental organisations Natuur & Milieu, NL Greenlabel, and Vogelbescherming Nederland. It has a wide range of signatories, from architects and construction companies, to environmental organisations and independent academics, to museums and banks. Together we see many opportunities to make cities and villages greener, giving more space to nature.

Ahead of the March general election in the Netherlands, we are therefore calling on politicians to include this issue in the new coalition agreement and help us to realise green sustainable cities. "Politicians are offered a manifesto, supported by builders, conservationists, environmentalists and urban planners. We are proud of it", says Rob van Tilburg, Program Director at Natuur & Milieu. "Our shared conclusion is that we need regulation to speed up. The new cabinet can get started with this."

The manifesto recommends three green "building blocks" that should be included in every construction project:

  1. Nature in the home: living spaces or nesting stones for species such as the house sparrow, swift, and bat in façades and roofs.
  2. Nature around the home: green roofs, green facades, natural gardens. Green roofs provide better insulation and, like unpaved gardens, collect rainwater.
  3. Nature nearby: parks and flower beds in every neighborhood, with connecting routes for animals in between.

In addition to MVRDV, the full list of signatories to the Bouwen voor Natuur manifesto can be seen below:

  • ABN AMRO Bank N.V.
  • Prof. dr. ir. Anke van Hal
  • Arcadis
  • ASN Bank
  • AVVN samen natuurlijk tuinieren
  • Ballast Nedam Development
  • BAM Wonen
  • BNA (Branchevereniging Nederlandse Architectenbureaus)
  • De Dakdokters
  • De Twee Snoeken Architecten
  • De Vlinderstichting
  • De Volksbank
  • Deltaplan Biodiversiteitsherstel
  • Dolmans Landscaping Group
  • Donker Groep
  • Prof. dr. Geert de Snoo (NIOO-KNAW)
  • Dr. Gerard Korthals (Centrum voor Bodemecologie, NIOO-KNAW, WUR)
  • Heijmans
  • idverde NL
  • IVN
  • Dr. Jolanda Maas, (assistant professor afd. Klinische, Neuro en Ontwikkelingspsychologie, VU)
  • KennisCentrum Circulaire Bouw (KCCB)
  • Drs. Kim van der Leest
  • KNNV
  • Koninklijke Vereniging van Hoveniers en Groenvoorzieners (VHG)
  • Lodewijk Hoekstra
  • Prof. dr. Louise Vet (NIOO-KNAW)
  • Em. Michiel Haas, (Organisatie nibex. green, voormalig TU-Delft)
  • Nationaal Dakenplan
  • Naturalis
  • Natuur & Milieu
  • Natuur en Milieufederaties
  • Dr. ir. Nico Tillie (Urban Ecology & Ecocities Lab, TU Delft)
  • Nico Wissing
  • NL Greenlabel
  • Optigrün Benelux
  • Paul de Ruiter Architects
  • Rijnbout Architecten
  • Dr. ir. Robbert Snep (senior onderzoeker Groene Steden, WUR)
  • Ruimtelab Architecten
  • Stichting Groenkeur
  • Stichting Steenbreek
  • Sweco Nederland
  • Tuinbranche Nederland
  • Urgenda
  • Vakbeurs Openbare Ruimte
  • Velt vzw
  • Vereniging voor Bouwwerk Begroeners
  • Vesteda
  • Vogelbescherming Nederland
  • VolkerWessels
  • Zoogdiervereniging