MVRDV - Launch magazine 'Mevr. de Architect' from MVRDV House

Launch magazine 'Mevr. de Architect' from MVRDV House


Hello all, 

The new Dutch magazine called 'Mevr. de Architect' was launched from our very own MVRDV House! 

Visibility of female architects is important. The number of female architects is lagging behind the number of males (23% compared to 77%), while just as many graduate from an architecture schools. That is why A.ZINE interviewed female architects last year, with a print edition called 'Mevr. de Architect' as a result. The portrayed women from 'Mevr. de Architect' are first of all important role models for the next generation, but they also claim their position by standing on a stage and participate in the public debate. 

During this talk show, the print edition is brought to life in the MVRDV House, led by Merel Pit (A.ZINE) and Bas van der Pol (AIR). Nathalie will explain why visibility for female architects is so important.  Catja Edens and Charlotte Thomas talk about forgotten and concealed women in architecture. Eva James will talk about her research into the female gaze in the design of public space. Inger will discuss how education and office practice can be more inclusive, together with Chris van Langen (RAvB), Inger and Veerle Alkemade (podcast Respons). Wiegert Ambagts and Kaj van Boheemen (Namelok) talk about where male dominance in the definition of "good architecture" comes from.

The launch can be watched below!

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