MVRDV - The Glass Farm wins Netherlands Glass Award

The Glass Farm wins Netherlands Glass Award


The Glass Farm in Schijndel has won the biannual Glass Award, granted by the Dutch Glas Branche Organisatie (GBO).

The building, designed by MVRDV, was executed by Brakel Atmos with the glass of AGC Flat Glass Netherlands. The 1,700 square meter building's facade consists entirely of glass, onto which a collage of a typical Schijndel farm was imposed. The photographic collage of the farm, made by artist Frank van der Salm, was printed directly onto the glass by AGC Mirodan using a fritting technique. The print varies in translucency and at night is illuminated from the inside, a monument to the traditional farmhouse.

The Glass Award is an initiative of the Glas Branche Organisatie (GBO), the employers' organization in the flat glass sector, and was organized this year for the seventh time. Other contenders for the award were the Mauritshuis in The Hague and Rotterdam Central Station.