MVRDV - Report on Resilient Future available for Download

Report on Resilient Future available for Download


Last September, during the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco, MVRDV presented a new report that offers 5 recommendations to Bay Area officials on the region’s plans for a resilient future.

The report is titled Too Much + Too Little, and was created by MVRDV as part of the NL Resilience Collective, a collaboration with Deltares, Goudappel Coffeng, and ONE architecture. Its goal is to help officials in the United States appreciate the Dutch approach to water management and integral design—an approach that has developed over centuries of dealing with water in a country where around 26% of the land is below sea level. This expertise could be invaluable for the Bay Area, a heavily populated region that is at risk from sea level rise and the effects of natural disasters.

Too Much + Too Little hopes to provide the impetus to adapt the existing approach, and unite the Bay Area with a resiliency strategy that is more collaborative, more holistic, and—most importantly to the many Bay Area Residents who are at risk—more successful.

Now the report can be downloaded for future reference to share the "power of integrative thinking and collaboration between government, designers and engineers that the Netherlands is well-known for,” as MVRDV principal and co-founder Nathalie de Vries said.