MVRDV - Jacob van Rijs Chairing the Jury of Europan 15 NL

Jacob van Rijs Chairing the Jury of Europan 15 NL

Jacob van Rijs, co-founder and principal architect of MVRDV and former Europan winner is chairman of the jury of Europan 15 NL: Europan 15 x Productive Rotterdam.

The board also consists of Johan Anrys (51n4e), Marc Glaudemans (director of the Province of Noord-Brabant), Tina Saaby (former Copenhagen city architect), Joost Beunderman ( 00: /), Marieke Kums (Studio MAKS) and Beatriz Ramo (STAR). Architect Like Bijlsma (SUBoffice) and urban planner Mariet Schoenmakers complement the jury being part of the technical committee.

Europan is a European competition of ideas. It brings together design professionals, private stakeholders and public representatives of European cities to generate fresh solutions to today’s challenging urban questions.  For Rotterdam, participation in Europan 15 NL (Europan 15 x Productive Rotterdam) is also an opportunity to test the Concept Omgevingsvisie (Concept Environmental Strategy) in practice. This radical renewal of spatial policy calls for an integrated approach to the stated assignments, with important themes, besides productivity, health, inclusiveness, circularity and compactness. 

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Image courtesy of Europan 15 NL