MVRDV - Baltyk wins Polska Architektura XXL

Baltyk wins Polska Architektura XXL

Last week at the Museum of the Second World War in Gdańsk, Bałtyk was announced as Best Building for 2017 in the Polska Architektura XXL prize.

The jury chose Bałtyk as the winner of the Grand Prix main prize for the best project realised in Poland in the last year. 

Since its completion in 2017, the building on the site of the old site of the old Bałtyk cinema has received much media attention both in Poland and internationally due to its contrasting volume which appears different on all four angles. It has also been applauded for complimenting and respecting the history of its location. MVRDV and co-architects NO Natkaniec/Olechnicki Architekci responded to the client's request for more fluent connections between lower and upper levels, connect the building to the neighbourhood and at the same time, is bold and significant with its depth in the volume.

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