MVRDV - Jut Group Lecture Hall wins inagural Frame Awards 2018

Jut Group Lecture Hall wins inagural Frame Awards 2018

We are delighted Jut Group Lecture hall, designed by MVRDV in collaboration with artist Alexandra Kehayoglou won the jury prize for 'Best Craftsmanship'  in this year's inaugural Frame Awards. 

MVRDV’s transformation of Jut Group's new 240m2lecture hall takes into consideration that although it is a functional space for talks and events, it is also a public installation with an inviting, comfortable and attractive carpeted landscape. It takes the form of public architecture through an unconventional design inspired by the natural landscape. Kehayoglou was perfect for this project because of her commitment to craftsmanship. Her pieces are the result of a laborious hand-tufting process that achieves to mimic natural textures such as moss, water, trees and pastures. The carpets can transform an entire room - as seen in this lecture hall - and echoes a green landscape. 

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