MVRDV - Maria López Calleja

Maria López Calleja


MVRDV has the immense ambition to live up that housing projects, above all, respect the human scale, and are flexible, diverse, innovative, sustainable, social, affordable, and exciting. We work at every scale, from single-family houses to monumental buildings containing over 1,000 apartments. Senior associate Maria López speaks about MVRDV’s vision and ambition at the ORT University Uruguay. 

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Associate, and Architect, Maria López Calleja, oversees the design process of MVRDV’s Das Studio’s German projects, and is responsible for BIM implementation and development within MVRDV. 

Having joined MVRDV in 2008, Maria has come to play an integral role as senior associate for the design, development and execution of celebrated MVRDV projects such as the Tianjin Library in Taiwain, and The Imprint in Seoul, South Korea, a dual-structured entertainment facility that operates as the centerpiece of a new Seoul tourist hub. Under her leadership, these projects have received critical acclaim, for their expressive and innovative forms, and their impact on their respective urban contexts. Maria will explore themes about contemporary living in projects by MVRDV.