MVRDV - Bertrand Schippan to feature at Les Rencontres Économiques

Bertrand Schippan to feature at Les Rencontres Économiques


How do we live with 50 degrees Celsius? 

The eight warmest years recorded since 1800 all occurred between 2015 and 2022. Climate change has been significant since 1980, and accelerated at the turn of the millenium. With the increase in global average temperature reaching 1.26°C degrees compared to the pre-industrial year, and the prospect of further increases of between 1.5-4 degrees by 2100, it is no longer implausible that waves of 50 degree temperatures could occur in Europe. 

As part of a panel discussion at Les Rencontres Économique on 6 July, Partner Bertrand Schippan will offer some possible solutions. Referencing projects such as Matrix ONE, Gaîté Montparnasse, and Tour & Taxis as examples of demountability, replacing concrete with other materials, and densification respectively, Bertrand will demonstrate how green buildings can deliver for both the industry and environment.

Partner, Architect and Urbanist, Bertrand Schippan, developed his career at several international offices including FGP Atelier, Ateliers Jean Nouvel, and West 8 prior to joining MVRDV in 2006. This diverse range of experience in different settings, and his equally international educational background, which includes Ecole Nationale Supérieur d’Architecture in Lille, the Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura of Coruna, and the Technische Universiteit of Eindhoven, has molded a versatile approach to the design task. At MVRDV, Schippan has played an integral role in projects of various scales – from single buildings to masterplans – by continually testing and challenging existing theories and methodologies to refine his own professional practice, and inspiring others under his leadership.

Among many MVRDV projects, Schippan’s decisive contribution to the Project of Grand Paris is clear evidence of this. Having strategically supported MVRDV’s endeavours in France, he has been fundamental to the establishment of the office’s Paris headquarters, while overseeing the realisation of Lyon Part-Dieu, Gaité Montparnasse in Paris, and several building sites in Bordeaux.

  • Date and time: 6 July at 16:00 (CEST).
  • Location:  Amphi3, Parc Jourdan, Av. Jules Ferry, 13100 Aix-en-Provence, France.
  • More information on the event can be found here, and all sessions can be watched live online here