MVRDV - Maria Stamati to speak at Utopian Hours on The City of the Future

Maria Stamati to speak at Utopian Hours on The City of the Future


How does MVRDV envisage urban design, and new ways of working, living, and playing in our cities?

On 30 May, senior project leader, architect, and urban designer Maria Stamati will deliver a lecture at a special edition of the Utopian Hours festival in Milan. Explaining the approaches and design processes behind a range of projects including Tainan Spring, Seoullo 7017 Skygarden, the Rooftop Catalogue, and Sea2City, Maria will show how they can lead to more resilient, greener, friendlier, and more playful cities, while helping build resilience in both people and place.

Maria is a skilled architect and urban designer, working and leading urban, research and strategic projects. With more than a decade of experience, Maria has been involved in variety of urban and research projects, including the Manifesta 13 expo for Marseille, Oceanside, a coastal resilience and sand retention project in Southern California, and Luxemburg in Transition, a winning proposal for a competition to create the vision of the country’s transition to zero-carbon society. She has also extensively worked in urban development projects such as the winning proposal of M-Park in Munich, and Almere Floriade Expo. Maria is currently leading the redevelopment proposal for Thessaloniki Urban Port, a project that focuses on creating a mixed-use hub that revitalises the waterfront of the port and the city.

  • Date & time: 30 May, 16:00 (CEST).
  • Location: STEP FuturAbility District, Adriano Olivetti, 1, 20139 Milano MI, Italy.
  • More information on the conference can be found here