MVRDV - Lorenzo Mattozzi to speak at IUAV Waves 2023 – Lagunaria Studio

Lorenzo Mattozzi to speak at IUAV Waves 2023 – Lagunaria Studio


Lorenzo Mattozzi will be presenting a selection of the most inspiring projects by MVRDV from the past 30 years to the students of IUAV University of Venice on July 7. What factors contributed to MVRDV's current status as a renowned architectural firm? How did it all begin? Do the recent projects still reflect the office's original vision? Through an exploration of MVRDV's history and design methodology, Lorenzo will demonstrate how the projects have evolved, developed, and adapted over the years, transforming a small practice with ambitious goals and a global perspective into a prominent and successful architectural firm.

WAVES 2023 is an annual series of international workshops that take place over three intense weeks during the summer at IUAV University of Venice. The Lagunaria Studio, led by Giovanni Pellegrini, Alessandro Pedron (APML Architetti), and Lorenzo Mason, focuses on the conception, design, and construction of an exhibition centred around the docufilm "Lagunaria," directed by Giovanni Pellegrini. This film delves into the issues of climate change, pollution, environment, overtourism, tradition, and citizenship to interpret the current state and future evolution of Venice and its natural surroundings.

Lorenzo Mattozzi, an Associate and Architect at MVRDV, is currently in Venice leading an immersive course titled "Venice Studio 2023" for the University of Melbourne. This course brings together five leading international architecture and urbanism firms to exchange ideas and develop new concepts related to the historic city of Venice and its surrounding areas.

Within MVRDV, Lorenzo oversees projects in the DAS Studio, with a specific focus on mixed-use developments, urban integration, and social connectivity. He joined MVRDV in late 2017, initially working in the Asia Studio for four years. During his time there, he successfully realised four projects, primarily in China. Prior to joining MVRDV, Lorenzo gained diverse experience working in various architectural firms in Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Brazil. His leadership is informed by this extensive background, encompassing small, medium, and large architectural firms, as well as expertise in architectural and infrastructural design, project development, and sustainability.

  • Date & time: July 7, 9.30 (CET).
  • Location: IUAV University of Venice Cotonificio, Room N1 - Dorsoduro 2196, 30123 Venezia, Italy.
  • More information on the event can be found here.