MVRDV - Gideon Maasland to discuss cities of the future at the IBA 12th Annual Real Estate Investments Conference

Gideon Maasland to discuss cities of the future at the IBA 12th Annual Real Estate Investments Conference


Major cities around the world are expected to grow significantly in coming years. This development calls for a new type of urban planning with an upwards focus. Join Gideon Maasland on June 16 at the IBA 12th Annual Real Estate Investments Conference, as he discusses buildings with forest roofs and connecting bridges, shared facilities, and green vertical neighbourhoods.

Director and Architect Gideon Maasland leads MVRDV’s Studio 8, which is responsible for large-scale, complex buildings. With extensive experience acquired over a 15-year career at several high profile Dutch offices, Maasland leads all projects in his studio under development and construction, including Valley, Tripolis Park, and the transformation of Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, as well as various projects in Eindhoven, Poland, and the UK. Renowned for his detailed and dedicated approach, Maasland’s work is hands-on. To ensure the highest quality, he is often on the construction site directly overseeing building processes. Maasland is passionate about working on buildings that make a difference to the people using or living close to them. He strongly believes that the key elements of a successful project are a great team of experts, good clients, full integration of scripting techniques, and a strong dedication to relationship management.  

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  • Date & time: 16 June - 13.30-14.15 (CET)
  • Location: Sofitel Legend The Grand, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
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