MVRDV - Sven Thorissen to discuss the sustainable revitalisation of cities

Sven Thorissen to discuss the sustainable revitalisation of cities


Vibrant cities require a diverse mix of habitants who bring different activities into the spaces at all times of the day. The most effective way to achieve this is to mix different functions within one building - a mixed-use building. Join Sven Thorissen’s presentation at Die Stadtretter as he discusses mixed-use development as a solution for city centres and local hubs.


 Sven Thorissen, director and architect, oversees MVRDV's DAS Studio, which handles projects in German-speaking countries. His experience in spatial development and sustainability has enabled him to contribute to a number of publications on integrative urban design, the future of housing, circular economy and productive urban landscapes.

Die Stadtretter was founded in 2020, and now consists of more than 1000 municipalities, companies, associations and institutes. Their aim is to develop solutions and provide expertise on the topic of city centres, with a focus on the networking of retail and urban development. The initiative works toward the sustainable revitalisation of cities by sharing knowledge and experience, combating vacancies, and working toward the preservation of retail structures.

  • Date & time: 26 April, 2022 - 11:30-12:30 (CET).
  • You can join the presentation (in German) on Die Stadtretter