MVRDV - MVRDV Next to do a case challenge at Debut 2021

MVRDV Next to do a case challenge at Debut 2021


What are the potential solutions for our coming energy transition? How can we envision a future of zero carbon? Join the Case Challenge with MVRDV Next members Sanne van der Burgh and Boudewijn Thomas at Debut 2021 September 29. 

During this event, companies and students will work on a Case Challenge surrounding the topic of Energy Transition. It is focused on the integration of renewable energy and smart material within the building footprint as well as the neighbourhood and city scale.

As a group of in-house specialists, MVRDV NEXT develops and implements computational workflows and new technologies. Through a mixture of project-based work and standalone research, they rationalise designs, speed up processes and make projects more efficient and adaptable in the face of change. Their methods allows them to explore a future that is equitable, data-driven, and green. Alongside projects and research, they regularly engage in workshops and lectures in order to share knowledge and gain new insights.

This is a full-day, offline event at the TU Delft that is accessible with a registration.

  • Date and time: September 29, 2021. 08:30 – 18:30 (CET).
  • Registration deadline: September 24, 23:59 (CET)
  • Location: TU Delft Faculty of Architecture, Orange Hall
  • More information about the event and how to register here.