MVRDV - Associate Sanne van der Burgh to lecture at Sumatera Institute of Technology

Associate Sanne van der Burgh to lecture at Sumatera Institute of Technology


The current pandemic underlines the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle. One’s environment plays a big role in this. Can we create healthy environments through architecture? And how can technology-based systems help us to achieve this? MVRDV senior associate Sanne van der Burgh will lecture on this topic at the Sumatera Institute of Technology on April 23.

Sanne van der Burgh’s strengths lie in facilitating knowledge exchange and connecting specialists. With her personal fascination with coding, rapid prototyping, and parametric innovation methodologies, she championed MVRDV NEXT, a research and development group within the office that focuses on implementing cutting-edge technologies in projects and design proposals. This work helps to make MVRDV’s projects smarter, greener, and more efficient. A dedicated advocate for sustainable, conscious consumption in architecture, urbanism, and our daily lives, van der Burgh believes in architecture’s capacity to inspire, and have a positive impact on people, nature, and the world.

‘’Our projects are not buildings but rather solutions to specific challenges. The generosity, inspiration and positive impact we can make on people, nature, the world, is what I love about what we do.’’ – Sanne van der Burgh

The lecture of Sanne van der Burgh is part of AURORA, an annual event for the architecture student organization in the Sumatera Institute of Technology.

  • Date & time: April 23 – 10:00-12:15 (CET)
  • You can register for the lecture here.