MVRDV - MVRDV Partner Jan Knikker to present at RIBA Future Leaders

MVRDV Partner Jan Knikker to present at RIBA Future Leaders


Leadership is not always an easy skill for everyone; however, it is essential for a successful company and business. Thus, the architecture industry is also not an exception. Have you wondered how to handle a crisis situation well and not damage the brand image? Here’s a great opportunity to find out, because on the 18th of March at the RIBA event, our MVRDV partner Jan Knikker will give a short presentation on crisis communication and how to handle “bad press”.

Jan Knikker - Partner at MVRDV

 ‘’Public opinion can stop projects and public participation becomes more and more important, it’s a positive development as it has the potential power to stop the atrocities against cities as made in the 1970s to progress the automotive society.’’ – Jan Knikker

As Partner at MVRDV, Jan leads the Contracts, Business Development and Public Relations efforts, forming a client-oriented, fast and strategic studio that includes a strong visualization team. He leads MVRDV’s branding efforts and has overseen the practices rapid expansion into new markets, focusing on the solutions for global issues through its architecture and urbanism. 

RIBA Future Leaders is an event that takes place in 3 parts and Jan is presenting at the first part of the event. The first day will focus on a strong introduction on leadership through industry specific training, where the speakers will address the soft skills. This year the event will take place online with several speakers, followed up with a Q&A session.

  • Date and time: March 18 – 14.30 - 18.45 (CET)
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