MVRDV - Fokke Moerel on the Future of Luxury Retail

Fokke Moerel on the Future of Luxury Retail


MVRDV partner and architect Fokke Moerel is invited to speak on Tuesday 8 December, 2020 4PM CET, at the ‘Designing The Future Live Talks’, organized by Delta Light. Theme of the round table is “The Future of Luxury Retail Environments ”.

How is the landscape of luxury evolving? A recent poll (source: forbes) between 55 luxury industry executives showed that two thirds of them believed the COVID crisis would bring positive changes to the luxury business.
In a panel, together with Peter Ippolito (Ippolito Fleitz Group – Stuttgart, Germany)  and Francesco Fresa (Piuarch Milan, Italy) Fokke Moerel will share her thoughts on this topic and discuss if the pandemic will influence the way we design and conceptualize our retail environments.

Applied is a picture of mvrdv s well known flagship store Bulgari, a pre covid designed project in Kuala Lumpur. MVRDV has experimented with a façade that by day references its organic materiality whilst at night achieves a dramatic, electric-like effect. The innovative façade was developed in collaboration with Technical University Delft, and Tensoforma, who worked on façade production. The collaboration resulted in a new product integral to the proposed façade design. Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) was cut according to a pattern, filled with resin and illuminated by amber LED Lights. A stainless steel sheet acts as a base for the resin, with panel joints concealed and integrated into the vein pattern.

If you were not able to watch at that time, no problem! 

The event was recorded! Register and watch the video here on the website from Delta Light.