MVRDV - Winy Maas to speak at Cranbrook Academy of Art, Michigan US

Winy Maas to speak at Cranbrook Academy of Art, Michigan US


MVRDV founding partner Winy Maas will give a keynote lecture at the prestigious Cranbrook Academy of Art, Michigan US on Thursday 3 December 2020 18.00 pm (CET)

In his lecture 'What's Next', Winy Maas talks about the recent works of MVRDV, the architectural firm he co-founded in 1993. Encompassing projects from the world’s first publicly accessible art museum archive – a new iconic building for Rotterdam – to ‘pop art’ building Glass Mural, for which the Detroit artist Sheefy McFly developed an original mural to be printed on the glass façade. Winy Maas will also talk about the future of our cities and MVRDV’s cooperation with The Why Factory, a think tank that Maas runs in collaboration with Delft University of Technology, which visualizes scenarios and models for cities of the future.

Cranbrook Academy of Art is part of the 319-acre Cranbrook Educational Community, founded by George Gough Booth and his wife Ellen Scripps Booth, Detroit newspaper proprietors and philanthropists, who hired Eliel Saarinen to design the idyllic community in 1925. Cranbrook has a rich history in mid-century modernism, but its graduates continue to shape the world of art, architecture, and design today. 

This event was recorded! Watch the video here: 

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