MVRDV - Winy Maas to speak on the ‘Productive Metropolis’ at BT Event

Winy Maas to speak on the ‘Productive Metropolis’ at BT Event


MVRDV founding partner Winy Maas is invited to speak on the "Productive Metropolis" at the BT Event in Zaanstad. In his keynote titled "Scope for radical alternatives", Winy will talk about how we can continue to offer space to vibrant and liveable cities. What challenges are there regarding space scarcity in, for example, Asian cities, and what radical alternatives have been devised?

This year's 15th edition of the BT Event will focus on how to keep the city livable. The pressure on inner-city business parks is enormous, partly due to the high demand for housing; more and more companies are perceived as a nuisance to residential enjoyment and detrimental to value creation. The ambition to create mixed residential work environments often fails to materialize. However, it is precisely this type of SME, often land-related, that is important for the social and economic structure of a city or municipality. Together with a number of partners such as the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (MRA), the municipality of Amsterdam and the municipality of Zaanstad, the BT Event wants to further explore space in inner-city areas. The BT Event fulfils a bridging function, linking parties that currently do not interact, and provides an answer to this new method of inner-city development.

This symposium is in Dutch, more information is available here

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